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To Prepare your 2023 Tax Return click the Get Started button to immediately upload your documents using the Guest Exchange.


For full feature access call the office. 224-701-6118

  • Get files  – You can upload your W-2s and other tax documents to your personal Tax Place Portal account.                                          

  • Send files  – We can upload your finished tax return and other documents. You can sign in and download whenever it’s convenient, from any computer with Internet access.                                                                            

  • Security is built in – Your account and files are always protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secure, and files are encrypted at rest on the server.                                  

  • Safeguard sensitive documents – Don’t risk sending confidential documents openly by fax or email. Share and transfer them at                                                                                  

  • Easy to Portal is web-based, and works with just about any browser and computer. Uses folders and files, just like your computer. Uploading, downloading, renaming, and deleting files is simple, obvious and quick.


  • A mobile-friendly interface lets you take photos of tax documents and upload them to your Portal account.

  • Instant messaging with your preparer

  • A prior-year summary 

  • Online organizers 

  • An online electronic signature option lets you sign on your mobile device or PC*

  • Online payments 

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